Wireless Headphones

Amphenol Tecvox Wireless Headphones provide consumers with an unrivaled combination of select sound quality, comfort, and convenience.

Our OEM-approved headphones features a comfortable, light-weight design that can be adapted to use Infrared, Radio Frequency, or Bluetooth technology, to meet all of our customers’ wireless needs.

Amphenol Tecvox Headphones provide superior sound quality and integrate convenient features like fully adjustable straps and a foldable design for an optimal wireless listening experience.

Amphenol Tecvox IR headphones feature the lightest and most compact design available on the market.

    Key Features

  • Can Implement IR, RF or Bluetooth Technology
  • Dual & Single Channel A/B Switch
  • Auto Off Feature
  • OEM Approved
  • IR 3200 Foldable lightest and thinnest headphone available
  • 50+ Hour Battery Life
  • Child Safety Features
  • Designed in USA
















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